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Matt began his career as a banker with Nations Media Partners in 2002.  He worked on various transactions with the firm's telephony, tower and directory publishing divisions.   He then worked as a Vice President at Falkenberg Capital where he advised the firm's clients on start-up/ramp-up finance assignments that ran parallel to the firms established telephony clients. 


He rejoined Nations Media in 2022 and focuses his efforts primarily in 5G densification assignments.  He holds a political science degree from University of Missouri Kansas City.  He was licensed series 7 previously with Nations Media and Falkenberg Capital and is scheduled to be licensed 79 (FINRA) by May of 2023.

Matt has held various other roles throughout his career with companies such as Sprint, Perceptive Software, Adknowledge, and has been active in the Short-Term Rental business/real-estate business.  

Please add Matt to your Linkedin for updates on transactions and firm news.


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