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Cindy Luxem joined Nations Media Partners in 2022 to focus on Healthcare IT and Applied Sciences transactions.  Cindy also advises the firm's clients on BEAD proposals and how to capture the most value from the advent of the Biden Infrastructure Bill.  


Prior to joining the firm she was CEO of the Kansas Healthcare Association, a position she held for 13 years. As the chief executive of that organization, she was at the intersection of government policy and patient outcomes.  She was instrumental in brokering complex negotiations between vast networks of providers and governments at both the state and federal level. The outcomes of these negotiations, “provider assessment” and the designation of Long-Term Care Providers as a “healthcare provider” - which gained crucial provider protections (and solidified consistent funding mechanisms for KCHA providers) - are a matter of historical record. Under her tenure the association remained the largest of its kind and achieved record membership.

Cindy began her career in politics. During college she worked for Senator Dennis DeConcini (AZ) - a position which honed her understanding of the cleft which often exists between constituencies and elected officials and policy outcomes. She has managed campaigns, held “Chief of Staff” positions with various elected officials including a Kansas Governor. 

Cindy considers her finest accomplishment her family and marriage. When COVID started, they “sold the farm” (literally), and traveled the country in a motorhome for two years. They have always been entrepreneurial with several successful franchise businesses and an online bookstore. Cindy and her husband are both musicians and her children hold senior management positions with respected technology companies.

She has served on the Kansas Humanities Council, the Natural Resource Council (appointed by Senate), and is a Kansas Health Foundation Fellow. She has also been a member of the National Center for Assisted Living.  She holds a B.S. in Journalism and Strategic Communications from the University of Arizona.

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