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A great idea is of no enduring value without execution.  Many people brag about working 16 hour days - Bryce actually does (though he’d never tell you that). The profession of investment banking (or m&a advisory) tends to be shrouded in mystery by those outside the industry, but truth be told it requires temperament and dedication. Once an engagement goes “live”, Bryce manages the process of document production, data rooms, security, and refining the “pitch” to the firms buy/investor-side colleagues.

Bryce was recruited by Cindy Luxem and Matt Rice  based on his track record of running a successful insurance agency (which he still owns). He has authored white papers and published a book on the topic of wealth creation and spends a third of his day recruiting sales talent. He is also an active currency trader (on his own account) and remains on the front line of AI-driven Forex.

While in high school Bryce developed an app for Cerner/Oracle which enabled providers to monitor frozen specimens.

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